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"Reborn" Acoustic Guitar

"Reborn" Acoustic Guitar

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"Reborn" Acoustic Guitar Specifications: 

Custom Acoustic Guitar Created By Chris Broemmelsiek

The "Reborn" guitar is adorned with symbolism inspired by the the state of the current financial systems. Another source of inspiration is from the January 9th, 1988 edition of The Economist Magazine.


Top - Swiss Moon Spruce 

Moon Spruce is harvested under the full moon when the sap in the wood is at its most crystalline state. This creates the most optimal tones in the wood at the moment of harvest. I chose this wood because Swiss Moon Spruce has a sharp, punctual attack which then mellows into a sweet harmony that is crisp and clear.

Swiss Moon Spruce Top


Rosette - "Phoenix Unlocked"

From the ashes we will rise. In order to begin to transform the current financial system, we must burn the old one and let the new rise from the ashes of the old as the Phoenix did. 

Phoenix Rosette

The Phoenix rosette inlay is comprised of 113 inlay pieces. 

Phoenix Rosette

The head is gold mother of pearl and has a keylock in it to symbolize unlocking the value of new financial innovations which can help upgrade the plumbing of the old financial system.  


Back and Sides - Flamed Bubinga

The flamed Bubinga is an exotic hardwood from equatorial Africa and represents the flame in which the Phoenix was burned.

This wood is dense with glass like tap tones which creates a platform for the Swiss Spruce to maintain a sharp attack and long sustaining notes. The beeswing flame creates a beautiful chatoyance that transforms as the guitar moves giving the illusion of a flame moving across the body of the instrument.


 Phoenix Guitar Side ProfilePhoenix Guitar Side Profile


End Wedge - Micarta

The end wedge is an accent piece at the bottom of the body of the guitar.

Phoenix Guitar End Wedge

 Phoenix Guitar Lower Bout

Binding - Figured Koa

The use of figured Koa was to help display more of the natural flame which occurs in wood. Koa has a rich tan color with ripples of figure that ribbon down the edges of the body. 


Koa Binding


Bloodwood - Fretboard, Bridge and Purfling

Bloodwood is paying homage to the famous Baron Rothschild quote to "buy when there is blood in the streets".

Bloodwood Fretboard

 Bloodwood bridge

Headstock - Ebony with 1 Gram Swiss Gold Bar lnlay

The 1 gram Swiss gold bar minted by the Valcambi Mint in Switzerland is inlaid into the top of the headstock.

1 Gram Gold Bar inlay

The idea behind this is representative of the gold standard. 

Headstock Phoenix Guitar

The choice to use Valcambi Mint was to match the Swiss Spruce top, Switzerland being one of the biggest banking nations on the planet it was a match made in heaven. Bound in bloodwood.

Headstock Phoenix Guitar

Neck Material - Genuine Mahogany

 Genuine Mahogany Neck

Side Dots - Abalone Shell

Heel Cap 

Heel Cap

Tuners - Gotoh 510

Gotoh 510 Tuners

Nut and Saddle - Bone

Strings - D'addarrio Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge 



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